The QueenPen of urban fiction is the CEO of Kingdom Lit Publications. She grew up fascinated by urban fiction and as a teenager she began writing her own stories under that genre. She is currently finishing her degree in Creative Writing with a focus in Fiction. She hopes to follow in the footsteps of her favorite urban authors, Sister Soulja, Deja Joy King and Nikki Turner. QueenPen's writing style is a mesh of all three of these authors but with her own twist in each story that she writes. Her stories include depictions of people who grow up poor but become hood famous or drug kingpins that fight for their territory and their lives.

QueenPen hopes to become an upcoming best selling author within the urban fiction genre and she also wants to create more awareness for urban fiction. Above all, she has a passion for helping authors become successful and their best selves! Dust 2 Diamonds: An Urban Fairytale was her debut novel followed up by The Baddest of Them All and there are many more to come!



Author T. Nicole is a Minnesota native. She loves writing but outside of that she is a pharmacy tech and a full time mommy of three children. She plans to go to school to become a journalist in the near future.



Anna lives in Louisiana with her husband, dog and horse. When she’s not spending time with her family and pets, she likes to read. With the debut of her first book, she hopes you will look forward to the next installments of the Shewolf series.



Chevis was born in a small city called Gary Indiana. Born to Felicia Blackson. Along with two older sisters Alicia and Gabby, they lived in Michigan City Indiana up until he was about 3-4. During that time his mom passed away, and from there his aunt Shirley Jackson took him in.

Around 6th grade is where writing became apart of his day to day routine, wake up and write, go to school and write, come home and write. 8th grade is when things really began taking off for Chevis, Having written a short story by the name of “Spider-Dude” his teacher took a liking to it and had it published in the school paper. Now with ambition and a dream waiting to be achieved he set his sights on getting his first Novel out there for all to get a glimpse of who Chevis Blackson really is.




Writing has always been Queanna Mae’s escape from reality. It has helped her get through life and depression. She has always been afraid to trust anyone with her feelings and has always had a hard time expressing herself through speaking, so she always had her journal to confide in and turn to.

Her mother is legally blind and always asks Queanna Mae to write her stories and read them to her. She is ready to share her deepest passion with the world in hopes that if she can help even one person who has been in her shoes, and felt there was no way out or no one there or no way to turn, there's hope and you are not alone.




Brittany-Nicole fell in love with books at the tender age of 8 reading small chapter books for preteens. Then, she got a hold of her sisters book "The coldest Winter Ever" By Sister Souljah. That book changed the game for Brittany-Nicole, ever since then, all she ever wanted to do was write her version of an urban novel.
Brittany Nicole grew up in North Minneapolis. She started writing poetry and journaling as a preteen. She started going to poetry slams and winning 1st or 2nd place starting at the age of 14. Her English teacher started to take her to more poetry slams in other cities and surrounding states and that's when she truly realized her gift.
For Brittany-Nicole, writing has always been an outlet and with her first book series "By Any Means" she hopes to take the urban reading scene to another level. Look out for these books that will pick you up and turn you upside down and leave you wanting more.
E’ner grew downtown Newport News Virginia. She is happily married and has been for 35 years. They have 2 adult children and 3 grandchildren. She loves music, fashion and She has a major shoe collection. E’ner is a Cosmetology instructor, a Master Educator and an author. She loves writing, reading and meeting new people.