Upcoming From Kingdom Lit

Book 4 of Queen Pen's Urban Fairytale Series is coming SOON! Stay tuned for more from your favorite characters!


We have some more heat coming from T. Nicole! Stay tuned for the first book in her series From Struggle to Triumph which is the story of her life with a fiction twist!


Queanna Mae's debut novel Depths of Despair will be coming SOON! Stay tuned!



In Iyces’ plans for life, she’d always imagined being the perfect mother to her children and being the best wife to her husband, but being abused by her husband consistently has crushed those dreams for her and in just the blink of an eye, the lives of Iyces and her children are changed forever. In a world where she can only depend on herself, she’s caught up in drugs and broken promises and getting back at him  becomes a way of life for her. Will Iyces be able to pull through and take back what’s hers or will she succumb to the pressure?

JULY 11th!